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Choosing Paper in a Digital World

In today’s age, it seems as though everyone lives and breathes through their digital devices.  Some of us check email on our mobile phones, while others take notes at meetings using tablets.  At Innovatively Organized, we often highlight apps and online resources that we find to help boost productivity for busy professionals, such as our Add Comment

How to Work Collaboratively with Microsoft SkyDrive

Working collaboratively with your team or backing up your own personal files is easy when using a filing sharing cloud solution such as Microsoft SkyDrive.  The beauty of using a cloud service like SkyDrive is that it allows you to stay productive wherever you are, with any of your mobile devices.  

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“REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things” book

Who doesn’t love Real Simple?!  They always share such great organizing tips.  In particular, we love their “new uses for old things” segment, which highlights innovative ways to use items you already own.  They compiled most of their repurposing ideas into a book, REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things.  It includes great ideas for reusing items around your h

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Resource Furniture: Incredible Space-Saving Furniture

If you’re frustrated living in a small space, you should absolutely check out Resource Furniture, a line of space-saving furniture.  All of their furniture is versatile and multi-purpose, allowing you to functionally use the small spaces around your home and office.  Their furniture takes up very little space, functions in different ways, and remains attractive and aesthetically pleasing.  Add Comment

For those tricky spaces: IKEA sloped wall shelving

Working in a small space is tricky enough, but what to do when you also have angled walls?  We love these sloped wall shelves, which allow you to still take advantage of vertical space!

Great for:
•  Sloped ceilings/walls in attic conversions, closets, rooms under stairs, etc.

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things:

Ever forget if you still own something?  You can use for keeping track of your belongings, especially while you spring clean.


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Seattle Donation Resources for Clearing Clutter

One of the best ways to get organized—whether it be your home, office, or car—is to remove clutter.  Identifying items that you no longer use or need helps clear up space, allowing you create a more organized and functional area.  Rather than trash your old clothes, furniture, or appliances, why not donate them to a good cause?  There are so many resources around the Seattle area for donating and recycling old goods.  We’ve compiled a list of donation resources by item category, like clothing, electronics, and fur

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: 12 Great Hooks

What’s one of the best ways to maximize vertical space in a small or cramped area?  Hooks!  Here are 12 of our favorite hooks to help keep you organized:

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Case Study: Maximizing a Dual-Purpose Room

Service: Residential Organizing

This client, like so many of us, had a dual-purpose room, functioning both as an office and a nursery.  She has a 6 month old and also works from home most of the time, requiring that she use the small space for multiple functions.


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