Residential Organizing

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Product Spotlight: Our Favorite Bins

Got a pile of stuff you need to store or contain?  Don’t feel limited to standard bin containers- there are a variety of fun and functional bins to choose from!  We thought we would highlight some of our favorite bins to aid your organizing project.

1.  For linens and clothes: Ziploc Flexible Totes
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Article: Downsizing Proves Desirable

In the September 2011 edition of Costco Connection, we found an interesting article on downsizing (or what we typically refer to as “purging”).  Vickie Dellaquila explains in “Downsizing Proves Desirable” that downsizing is a necessary fact of life.  Transitions in our life or the lives of our children require that we let go of some things from the past.  We may need more room in the house or might need less room- either way,
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Innovative Idea: Plastic and Foil Storage

Instead of take up valuable drawer space, why not store your plastic wraps and aluminum foils vertically?  This durable organizer holds four boxes and is easily mounted on walls or within cabinets.  Plus, it is made with a raised edge to help clean inevitable spills!

What are your thoughts?
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Checklist: Must-Haves for Kitchen Organizing

Could your kitchen use a little help staying organized?  We know that it’s hard enough keeping the dirty dishes under control, let alone all of the Tupperware containers, spices, and canned goods.  If your drawers are frightening to open, take a look at our list of must-haves for kitchen organizing.  It’s full of supplies that can help you gain control in the most chaotic room of the house, like foil organizers and drawer dividers.
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Innovative Idea: Clothespins

Want a cute way to organize your refrigerator?  Instead of using a mish-mash of different magnets, add magnets to the backs of colorful clothespins!  They hold all of your wedding invitations, postcards, upcoming events, and baby announcements- while looking clean and neat. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you use clothespins anywhere else?
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One Woman’s Clutter is Another Woman’s Treasure!

So you’ve got all these purses in your closet (or scattered around your house!) that you just don’t know what to do with… The moment you no longer love a purse, it becomes clutter.  There is no good way to store the various shapes and sizes, so purses easily stack up.  Here’s an idea: swap your purse for a gorgeous new bag that you’ll actually use!
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Digital Clutter: OfficeDrop

Too much physical paper clutter and online digital clutter?  OfficeDrop is a great tool to help you go paperless and get organized.  It converts paper documents and digital files into text-searchable documents in the cloud, which you can then access from the web, your mobile device, or your desktop.  Whether you’re a small business trying to connect virtually, or a busy family trying to organize important documents, OfficeDrop can help you.
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Product Spotlight: Day of the Week Clips

Do you have piles of paper on your desk, on your kitchen counter, in your bag, and at work?  Do you know they are all action-items, like forms to reply to or bills to pay, but can’t remember when they are due?  Do you sometimes miss deadlines because papers got lost in the clutter and shuffle?  These Day of the Week Clips are not only adorable, they are helpful in organizing papers.  You can combine all your ac