About Us

About Our Company
Innovatively Organized is a Seattle-based organizing and productivity consulting firm that provides effective organizing solutions for busy professionals, teams, and families to manage their time, increase productivity, and gain control of their space.

From workflow strategy to closet systems, our professional team of organizers, space planners and productivity consultants have extensive experience in solving your organizing challenges. Innovatively Organized starts projects with a comprehensive assessment of your current space or process – determining the barriers to organization and identifying the opportunities to overcome them. This is followed by an action plan with specific tasks to accomplish the organizing goal.

About Our Industry
Professional organizers perform a variety of services to enhance the lives of their clients. In the home, owners or renters can benefit from space planning, electronic and paper management, storage solutions, and goal-setting. In an office or business place, entire companies, teams or an individual staff person can learn time management, improve workflow, organize emails and boost productivity.

The professional organizing industry is built on a foundation of proven organizing systems and tools to provide services for any person who wants to gain control of their living space, work environment, schedules, and all of the items that live in these spaces.