"Due to a couple recent new work projects, my office exploded with paper over the past year.  Innovatively Organized came to my office, conquered all the paper, and created a new, efficient filing system in a very short period of time.  I love my clean desk, clear table, and organized files- I can now find what I need in a flash!" 
- Lauren Thomas, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Wellspring Family Services
“I've worked with a number of different organizers over the years, but until working with Elizabeth, I had no appreciation for the difference between good and great. I LOVE the way Elizabeth has brought order to my office space. She made the process fun and painless. I'm one happy client…for life!” – Patty P., Small Business Owner
“Innovatively Organized was great. They dispelled my "guilt" about such a messy space and proceeded to help me organize. I now have an office space that I feel comfortable working in. I can do my tasks much more easily and complete each session and each day with a desk space and work space that still looks neat and organized. Lauren was great every step of the way, and helped me organize my email correspondence in ways I didn't even know were possible. I'd highly recommend Innovatively Organized to anyone who thinks they may need help. If I can do it, you can do it!” – Dr. Paul Rubin, DDS, Integrative Dentistry   

"The work with Innovatively Organized has literally changed my work life. I can now find files and have easy acess to material needed for my work in a very busy office. Thank you for the simple, but important lessons imparted!" – Marilyn Mason-Plunkett, President & CEO, Hopelink

"Elizabeth got right down to the critical changes we needed to make to improve our work flow.  And we had fun doing it!" – Sheree Choules, Senior Paralegal, Office Max

"Very illuminating going over my weekly review checklist and realizing that the parts of the work I dread doing are the things I don’t have systems or structure for…I can see already that this is going to be a big help, and wish I’d gotten started sooner!  I’m feeling optimistic, and looking forward to solving the problems and getting my time more focused on the patient work I love to do!"  Dr. Deborah Epstein, ND, Nutrionist, Lumina Health

“The one-on-one attention I got from Elizabeth helped me identify problem areas and prioritize changes to become more streamlined and organized.  Replacing old habits with new ones is challenging, but extremely rewarding!  Thanks again, Elizabeth!”  Eliott Peacock, Event Services Manager, Herban Feast Catering 

“Innovatively Organized gave me the tools to set up a system that I could live with and most importantly, follow through with new habits.  I am very satisfied with the results.” – Anonymous

"Innovatively Organized is the missing link I’ve needed for years.  They restructured and implemented easy-to-follow guidelines to fit my needs and help me efficiently manage paper flow and electronic data.   They have saved me so much time and created more space.  I love being in my administrative home office now!  Thank you!  I look forward to working with you again on additional projects.” – Rochelle Clark, Massage Therapist, The Art of Healing Touch
“Thank you so much for all your hard work in my office. I can hardly wait to complete the job! You accomplished more in four hours than I would have ever believed possible!." – Jim Wolfe, Territory Manager, Essex Silver Line
"Innovatively Organized helped me organize my papers into an easy-to-use system that I can now maintain on my own.  Now I can easily find documents or reference material quickly and efficiently- and my house looks neat and tidy as well!  Thank you!" – Rachelle Haldeman, Human Resources, Starbucks
"Alisa took the time to understand not only our needs, but our personalities. The result is a closet that makes both me and my husband happy, despite our different styles." – Cheri Baker, President, Emergence Consulting
"As someone who is extremely busy, I highly recommend Innovatively Organized. They were able to take my cluttered space and organize it, with little effort on my end. It is now a pleasant, calm space, and has definitely saved me time when I try to find important items (especially in my closet). They are extremely friendly, nonjudgmental and helpful.  I would absolutely use them again for any of my home organizing needs." – Carolyn Illman, Senior Producer, Smashing Ideas
“Elizabeth helped turn a cramped closet and laundry room into a practical and functional space.  Because it was a rental apartment, she was creative in choosing the organizational solutions so that I could modify/adjust and take with me when I moved.” – Audrey Chin, Director at Government Agency

"With the help of Innovatively Organized, we found new ways to store items and maximize available space, as well as creating an easy system for living in the space.  The organizers' support helped us make decisions about what to keep and where to keep it.  We didn't realize how much room we had before completing the project, and now there is room for the things we use most and for our new baby.  We are so happy with the results and feel as if we have a new room in our home.  Thanks!" – Phill Barton, Aerospace Engineer, Boeing

“Innovatively Organized really helped me get organized after my recent move.  The closet and cabinet organizers that they suggested have made it much easier to locate items when I need them and put them up when I am finished.” – Stephanie Townsend, New Mom

“I think their time and paper management services are much needed by every business, large or small!” – Jessica Estrada, Director of Small Business Programs, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce
“I attended a time management training session given by Elizabeth, and I thought she gave an excellent presentation on the benefits of organizing email, personalized calendar solutions, and tips on how to stay consistent.  I would recommend her workshops to my friends and clients, and I intend on hiring her as well!” – Cassie Theissen, Recruiter, Parker Staffing
"Webinars are a fantastic way to learn something new without having to schedule a day off, or get someone to sit in for you. These short webinars are perfect for the fast paced office/person." – Kandis Rios
"Innovatively Organized's Email Mgmt Webinar was great!  My inbox is now down to zero for the first time in a long time.  I would highly recommend it to any friends or associates!" – Dan Faulkner, Realtor

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