Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer is defined by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as one who "enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills.  A Professional Organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.”

Why do I have to schedule an initial consultation first; can’t we just get started?
The purpose of the initial consultation is to walk through your space and existing systems and discuss your goals for that space.  We will fill out a Needs Assessment form and discuss where to start, what supplies will be needed, and the time estimated to complete the task.  Clutter does not form overnight, and likewise, the organizing process will not happen overnight.  We will work together on the task.

Should I clean before my first organizing session?
No, please don’t do anything special for us.  It is helpful for us to view how you utilize the space on a day-to-day basis.

What should I wear for the organizing session?
Please dress comfortably.  However, the exact attire will depend greatly on the space we are organizing during your session.  If we are organizing a garage or basement where there is a lot of dirt and grime, then please dress appropriately, as you may get dirty in the process.

Will you provide a complete room makeover along with the organizing services?
Yes, Innovatively Organized will work with you to create a room makeover if that is your desire.  Room makeovers have recently become popular on organizing television programs and we understand the desire to show off your new space to your friends and family.  Room makeovers, however, take time in real life (unlike the television shows).  If there are services you request that Innovatively Organized does not offer, we will either find a sub-contractor to work alongside us, or we will help you locate the appropriate services you need to complete the transformation.

Will you make me throw out my stuff?
No, we will not force you to do anything.  We will, however, make suggestions and recommendations along the way, but the ultimate decisions about your belongings will be yours.

Do you provide removal or donation services?
At your request, we will take any items for donation with us when we leave for a flat fee.  We will then take the items directly to an appropriate donation site.  We will not, however, provide trash removal services.  Disposal of any trash produced during the session is your responsibility.

What do I do with my pet during the session?
As a courtesy to us (and to help make the process more efficient), we ask that you please restrain your pet during organizing sessions.  We appreciate your cooperation with this request.

Will you tell other people about my clutter?
No, we adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics and have a strong confidentiality policy between us and our clients.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we do accept all major credit cards, such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc.

How much do you charge for an organizing session?
Please email us at [email protected] and ask about our Fee Structure.

Do you charge for travel?
Travel to or from your home or office within Seattle is not charged.  For areas further than 25 miles from downtown Seattle, we do charge a flat fee plus mileage.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please provide 48 hours notice.  If you must cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time, you may be charged a cancellation fee equal to the full session fee.  If we arrive at your scheduled appointment and you are not available or prepared, you will still be responsible for the full session fee.