Student Organizing


Are you forgetting to turn in assignments?  Are you staying up at all hours, trying to complete tasks?  Do you carry all of your supplies in your backpack, everywhere you go?  The difference between an A student a C student is simply how organized they are.  Organization is a learned skill- it can be taught and improved.  Though it is necessary for lifelong success, it is not taught in school like math or English.  Students have even more commitments and even less time these days, in addition to new forms of distraction, like Facebook and Twitter.  We help set up personalized systems for junior high, high school, and college students to stay organized with their assignments, improve time management, and stay productive.  Since students are always on the go, we set them up with the tools they need for their lifestyle and commitments.  From teaching note-taking and filing, to defining an area in the home for homework, we help students stay productive and successful.  

Are you:
-  Preparing to apply to college?
-  About to move into a dorm?
-  Stressed by all of your commitments?
-  Overwhelmed by time constraints?
-  Distracted by friends, activities, and games while trying to focus?

How it works:
-  Consultation: learn current time management and lifestyle
-  Discuss your ideal productivity
-  Create and define new systems or plans, including product recommendations, schedules for applying to college and checklists for moving into a dorm
-  Workshops to teach you time management and prioritizing
-  Implement solutions: we shop for functional products and organize new systems

-  Distractions minimized
-  Less stress, more productivity
-  Tasks, projects, and commitments complete efficiently and on time
-  Easy transition into college
-  Success in the classroom, at work, and with extra-curriculars
-  Tools and habits that will continue to benefit you into the future