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Thank you to all the entrants!  Now that the submissions have been reviewed by the Innovatively Organized team of organizers, narrowed down to the Top 5 nominees, and the public voted for their favorite, we are happy to announce the Winner of the Messiest Desk Contest in Seattle...

Donna Turner - Pre-K Teacher With Clutter Collecting
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Donna wins an ORGANIZING MAKEOVER and other cool prizes.  Click here to watch our Messiest Desk Contest video!

Contest Timeline:

  • January 1-14 ----- Nominate yourself or someone you know on our website
  • January 15 ----- Top 5 Finalists announced
  • January 16-20 ----- Vote for the messiest desk on our website
  • January 23 ----- Winner revealed
  • January 24-February 3 ----- Watch us transform the winner's desk on our blog

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 #1 - Sean - Small Business Needs Efficiency Help 
We're a small business and the office manager's desk is the hub of the office. The inefficiencies at this desk run through the rest of the business, making us all inefficient. We don't know what to do with the boxes of unknown materials below our desk or how to stop having piles just move around keeping the desk looking messy. We need help to be a better business in 2012.  
 #2 - Tad - Daughter Reports Dad for Messy Office 
My dad's office is pretty darn messy! Loose papers everywhere. To use the keyboard, you have to rest your wrists on the many sticky notes from who-knows-when. He claims he "knows where everything is" but this is no way to spend 70% of your life. Please help him!

My dad deserves to win because he is actually very clean and tidy outside of this office, but paper must just overwhelm him. The office holds his whole life: work and play. If your team helped him clean up his act, he would be the one to keep his office in tip-top shape in the future.
#3 - Doug - Wife Can't Handle Home Office Clutter Any Longer  

I don't know how my husband functions in this space and I really want to be able to help. I can barely walk in the office and I can't tell you the last time I've been able to get in to vacuum it. He says that if he had a spot for something, he would put it away. The understatement of the year- he needs more than even a few spots.

Working from home is a challenge and he is going on three years. I would love for him to be able to find important documents when he needs them. I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to walk in and retrieve a paper from the printer without risking a fall. Please help, I am desperate!  

 #4 - Linda - Focusing On Others and Forgetting Her Own Office
My boss is the Community Center Director for a small, vibrant town and her position not only requires a lot of paperwork, but a major portion of her day is spent interacting with the public. Because she has an open door policy, there are frequent interruptions in her day. She is constantly on-the-go and needs a place of refuge to recharge that's not full of clutter. Due to her caring nature, she spends more time focusing on others and little time on organizing her desk. Please be the life preserver she needs. She is drowning in a sea of stuff!   
 #5 - Donna - Pre-K Teacher With Clutter Collecting Over Years **WINNER**
As an excellent pre-K teacher, we want her to be surprised by winning this contest. Her clutter is classroom-related projects, books, and items she uses for teaching 25 children. The stuff has been collecting for years due to her experience and we want her to get organized so she can find what she needs and know right where it is when she's looking. Please help her classroom supplies and desk become organized!  
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