Case Study: Organizing a Company with Employees On-the-go

One of our clients is a fast growing company whose CEO is often on-the-go.  During recent trips, he had trouble finding documents quickly when he needed them.  He was using one online filing storing service but the members of his staff were using another.  Although the locations of where documents were saved made sense to some, other employees were having trouble locating them. 

Since this company’s employees are often on-the-go, we found virtual meetings the most efficient way to meet with this client.  During our virtual meetings, we would gather information about their current folders and types of files that the employees were creating and accessing.  From there, we were able to recommend a file structure that would be easier for everyone in the company to access, including the CEO while away from the office.  We advised storing all of their company files on one cloud service, created a folder structure and suggested a timeline in which they implement it.  We also scheduled periodic check-ins to ensure they were making progress with this re-organization of their electronic file management.

With their new folder structure now in place, everyone in the company can quickly find and save documents.  They no longer waste time searching through multiple folders to find the files they need, which allows them to work more collaboratively, efficiently, and productively throughout the day.

Is your company or team growing faster than you can create a standard file management system?  We offer business organizing and consulting for corporations and businesses to enhance their file management and process improvement.



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