Before and After of the Week

Case Study: How a Busy Sales Professional Streamlined His Day

Our client is a very busy sales person who works from his home office, but is constantly out meeting clients or visiting manufacturing facilities.  He is always on-the-go, feeling like he is racing around and never with enough time.  

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Shared Contacts Get Cleaned Up

Scroll through your phone for a moment and look at how many contacts you have stored. Now consider how many contacts a small company may need to stay on top of regularly. A company recently came to us for help tackling just this - their overwhelming contact lists.

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Case Study: Organizing a Company with Employees On-the-go

One of our clients is a fast growing company whose CEO is often on-the-go.  During recent trips, he had trouble finding documents quickly when he needed them.  He was using one online filing storing service but the members of his staff were using another.  Although the locations of where documents were saved made sense to some, other employees were having trouble locating them. 

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Case Study: Corporate-wide Electronic File Management

Imagine working with a large group of people but without a consistent system for naming and saving documents.  It’s not difficult to imagine the challenges this situation presents.  One of our clients is a medium-sized company with several different departments.  Each department not only needs to access their own documents, but they often access documents from other departments as well.  But since employees lacked a consistent structure for saving and naming files, they found it challenging to find files they need

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The “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway” is Complete!

Natalya Stansfield was chosen as the winner of the ParentMap “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway,” earning her newly born daughter the ultimate nursery.  She won an amazing $3,000 package of services and products to help transform a spare bedroom in her home into an adorable nursery.  Last week, the finishing touches were added to the in-progress nursery and now Bab

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“Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway” In Progress!

The winner of the ParentMap “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway” has been chosen and we’ve been hard at work!  Throughout May and June, we worked with ParentMap to find a winner for the “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway,” in order to help create the ultimate nursery for one lucky Seattle baby! 
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Case Study: Preparing a Busy Professional to Take Time Off

Have you ever wished you could just escape the never-ending stream of calls, emails, and files?  Do you daydream of taking an entire month off from work for some much-need R&R?

One of our clients wanted just that—to take the entire month of May off from work.  It was his goal to have some time off from his busy work schedule, but he wasn’t sure how to be absent without putting everything on pause.

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Case Study: Better Time Management for a Busy Mom

We’re always helping business professionals stay productive and focused, whether they are the CEO of their company or recently promoted into a new position.  But for those of you that are the CEO of your households, we can help you too!  

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Before and After of the Week: From Overstuffed to Functional

We love those beautiful, perfect pantries on Pinterest, but how many of your pantries are actually that organized?!  The same is true for companies - their storage rooms often become cluttered drop zones.  One of our clients was ready to make a change with its company storage room.  It had become overstuffed and unfocused, so we helped them transition it into a functional, organized space.
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Before and After of the Week: Solo-preneur’s Home Office

Service: Business Organizing

This client is a solo-preneur with a home office.  He wanted a clutter-free work environment that eased stress and cultivated productivity.


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