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The One-Hour Meeting Myth: How 45 Minute Meetings Increase Productivity

Meetings with your team can quickly become stressful blocks of time when meetings are run inefficiently or extend longer than necessary.  Traditionally, most meetings are scheduled for one hour.  That may be a nice round number, but in order to keep meetings productive, our Innovatively Organized team recommends trying 45-minute meetings.  Here’s why:  

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How to Work Collaboratively with Microsoft SkyDrive

Working collaboratively with your team or backing up your own personal files is easy when using a filing sharing cloud solution such as Microsoft SkyDrive.  The beauty of using a cloud service like SkyDrive is that it allows you to stay productive wherever you are, with any of your mobile devices.  

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Shared Contacts Get Cleaned Up

Scroll through your phone for a moment and look at how many contacts you have stored. Now consider how many contacts a small company may need to stay on top of regularly. A company recently came to us for help tackling just this - their overwhelming contact lists.

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Most Workers Don’t Get Stress Relief from Vacation

More than 58% of workers report “they receive no stress relief from their vacations,” according to a recent study by the Puget Sound Business Journal - “Most workers get no stress relief from vacation, survey finds.” In fact, more than 27% feel “more stressed after their vacations than before they to

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Virtual Keyboards for Working Anywhere

We are fascinated by this cool new product – virtual keyboards so you can work anywhere!  The laser projection keyboard is projected onto any flat surface, allowing you to type and work with the same efficiency and speed as you would with a full keyboard.  Not only does it work with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, but it is built into a compact keychain for easy portability.  

You’ll love it for:

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: Acrobat X Pro for quality PDF files

Acrobat Adobe X Pro software allows you to create and edit high quality PDF files.  This software helps you work more productively and consistently within PDFs, with tools like task streamlining, file comparison, and SharePoint collaboration.  You can integrate se

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Case Study: Organizing a Company with Employees On-the-go

One of our clients is a fast growing company whose CEO is often on-the-go.  During recent trips, he had trouble finding documents quickly when he needed them.  He was using one online filing storing service but the members of his staff were using another.  Although the locations of where documents were saved made sense to some, other employees were having trouble locating them. 

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Case Study: Corporate-wide Electronic File Management

Imagine working with a large group of people but without a consistent system for naming and saving documents.  It’s not difficult to imagine the challenges this situation presents.  One of our clients is a medium-sized company with several different departments.  Each department not only needs to access their own documents, but they often access documents from other departments as well.  But since employees lacked a consistent structure for saving and naming files, they found it challenging to find files they need

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