5 Features in Gmail Labs You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are a Gmail user, you’re in for a treat!  Gmail Labs are a collection of features that Gmail is experimenting with—which you can try as well.  You can enable labs in your account settings and begin trying some of their newest ideas.  Here are 5 features that we love:

1.  Background Send
Instead of waiting for your email to be sent, you can continue working in your inbox while your most recent email sends in the background. 

2.  Preview Pane
Similar to the layout of email apps on tablets, the preview pane allows you to see an email’s contents before opening it.

3.  Forgot an Attachment
Never accidentally send an email without its attachments again!  This feature asks if you intended to attach a file before sending.

4.  Undo Send
In case you typed the wrong contact or noticed a typo, you can retrieve the email you just sent. 

5.  Google calendar gadget
View your schedule within your inbox!  This saves time while sending emails about scheduling availability.  

Which are your favorite labs features?  Share with us!


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