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Infographic: 4 Executives and their Email Inboxes

Ever wonder how you stack up compared to other peoples’ email inboxes inboxes?

We polled four executives about their email management (in order to protect the innocent, we’re keeping them anonymous!).  Check out the surprising results and see the variety in their responses in our email management infographic.  

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Use Quick Steps To Process Emails Faster

Want a faster way to process your emails?  Microsoft Outlook’s Quick Steps applies multiple actions at the same time to email messages, allowing you to quickly manage your mailbox. 

For example, if you frequently move messages to a specific folder, you can use a Quick Step to move the message in one click.  Or if you forward messages to your manager or assistant, a one-click Quick Step can simplify the task.

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4 Tips To Help Your Assistant Respond To Your Emails

Wishing your assistant could help manage your emails?  While you are out meeting with clients or developing projects, your assistant is a great resource for staying on top of your inbox.  Here are tips for helping your assistant help you:

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Help! I’m receiving emails faster than I can respond

Feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing inbox?  For most of us, emails flow in faster than we can read them, let alone respond to them.  If you’re looking for a way to organize and manage your incoming emails, here are tips for “How to empty your email inbox in 4 easy steps.”  You can also decrease your number of incoming

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5 Features in Gmail Labs You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are a Gmail user, you’re in for a treat!  Gmail Labs are a collection of features that Gmail is experimenting with—which you can try as well.  You can enable labs in your account settings and begin trying some of their newest ideas.  Here are 5 features that we love:

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Top 5 Email Policies for your Small Business

Many small and medium businesses live and breathe through email communication, but reading unnecessarily long emails or receiving irrelevant emails are rarely at the top of anyone’s list.  

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Tools to Mass Unsubscribe From Junk Email

How many mass emails do you receive each day? How many of those emails do you automatically delete before reading? Rather than allowing junk email to continue to clutter your inbox, we suggest you try a tool to mass unsubscribe.  Here are two solutions that can help you clear out unwanted junk mail.


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Quiz: Do you have an email management problem?

Wondering if you could benefit from improved email management?  Take our quiz to find out!

1.  How many email accounts do you have?
     A.  1-2
     B.  3-4
     C.  5+

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Outlook vs. Gmail: Which is better for you?

Are you wondering whether you should be using Outlook or Gmail for your email account?  Though they have many similar features and capabilities, their differences may benefit you in different ways depending on your needs.
Microsoft Outlook:

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