Case Study: Corporate-wide Electronic File Management

Imagine working with a large group of people but without a consistent system for naming and saving documents.  It’s not difficult to imagine the challenges this situation presents.  One of our clients is a medium-sized company with several different departments.  Each department not only needs to access their own documents, but they often access documents from other departments as well.  But since employees lacked a consistent structure for saving and naming files, they found it challenging to find files they need.

We sat down with the individuals from each department first to get an idea of what kind of documents they create, use, and need access to.  We then began to map their existing file structure so we could take that information and suggest a more consistent file structure.  We created a company file naming convention that could be adjusted for each department, while still following a similar format that everyone would be familiar with.  We also created a file folder structure that outlined the folder categories for each department and where these folders would be saved (SharePoint, S Drive, etc.).

Not only are the employees now able to find and access documents more easily, they also know how and where to save documents they create and receive.  Time is being used much more efficiently – rather than spending several minutes searching for a file or deciding where to save documents, the employees can now quickly make decisions. 

Does this challenge remind you or your own company?  Our business consulting services might be exactly what your team needs to work together more efficiently.  


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