Messiest Desk Contest: Unveiling the Finished Product!

We are excited to announce the messiest desk in Seattle has been transformed into what might just be the most organized desk in Seattle!  In one week we helped Donna convert her desk into a functional, organized work space!  She is particularly excited about her new photo board with yellow accents, the accessible bins, and easy-to-read labels.  Here’s a quick run down of what we did:

1)    Sorted items one-by-one with Donna’s input.
2)    Recycled, donated, relocated and tossed numerous items.
3)    Organized Donna’s belongings into existing shelves and clear plastic bins so she can easily see what each contains.
4)    Labeled containers and shelves so Donna and her co-workers can easily find things.

Working with Donna was a pleasure and she is thrilled to start using her newly organized space.  A huge thank you again to our Messiest Desk Contest partners: Leo Santiago, Getting Organized Magazine, Storables, tiniCling, F.C. Document Destruction, and InterConnection.  And thank you to everyone who voted and helped us find Donna’s desk so we could help reduce the stress and clutter in her life. 

To view the before, during, and after photos, check out our Facebook album

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