Shared Contacts Get Cleaned Up

Scroll through your phone for a moment and look at how many contacts you have stored. Now consider how many contacts a small company may need to stay on top of regularly. A company recently came to us for help tackling just this - their overwhelming contact lists.

Although contacts were stored within a single tool such as Microsoft Outlook, the team members knew they needed to be reviewed and cleaned up. The team shared several contact lists and some contacts had duplicate entries while others were missing information. Since they are busy mobile workers it was necessary to organize the contacts so the team is no longer slowed down by searching for data.

To tackle the contact clean-up project, we, the productivity consultants from Innovatively Organized, found and removed duplicate contacts and then flagged contacts with missing information. Next, the team reviewed the flagged contacts and tried to fill the gaps of missing information by gathering the most up-to-date information for contacts possible. We then recommended a process of inputting future contacts to reduce the chance of duplicates being created.

The shared contact lists are now much more reliable for the company's team members, with up-to-date information and duplicate contacts removed.

Can you relate to this? What is your biggest contact organizing challenge? Leave a comment and let us know!

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