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Top 5 Email Policies for your Small Business

Many small and medium businesses live and breathe through email communication, but reading unnecessarily long emails or receiving irrelevant emails are rarely at the top of anyone’s list.  

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How email management training can save your business money

Take a moment to consider how many minutes you spend each day managing your email.  You might check your email so often that you don’t realize how much time is actually being wasted reading, replying and completing tasks associated with your email.  

The reality is: time is money.  When you invest in email management training for your team or small business, you save money in the long run.

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Overwhelmed by emails? You’re not alone.

Do you ever feel like your email inbox never stops growing?  Are emails arriving faster than you can read them?  Do you lose track of emails when they get buried in your inbox?

The good news is you’re not alone:

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Calendar Invite DO’s and DON’Ts for Outlook & Gmail

1. Naming Calendar Events – If you are going to send a calendar invite to someone you’re meeting with, DO make sure to include both of your names in the title of the event.  For instance, I have received calendar invites from people that are titled, Meeting with Elizabeth Bowman.  Unfortunately, this does not tell me the name of the person I am meeting with.  A more appropriate name would be Meeting with Elizabeth Bowman and John Smith.

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Shared Contacts Get Cleaned Up

Scroll through your phone for a moment and look at how many contacts you have stored. Now consider how many contacts a small company may need to stay on top of regularly. A company recently came to us for help tackling just this - their overwhelming contact lists.

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Most Workers Don’t Get Stress Relief from Vacation

More than 58% of workers report “they receive no stress relief from their vacations,” according to a recent study by the Puget Sound Business Journal - “Most workers get no stress relief from vacation, survey finds.” In fact, more than 27% feel “more stressed after their vacations than before they to

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Monthly Computer De-clutter Checklist

We shared easy tips on clearing digital clutter from your computer or laptop, but the most important element is maintenance.  In order to help minimize digital clutter from returning, we have created a monthly checklist, including emptying your trash folder and running a “disk cleanup.”  Try adding a monthly reminder to your calendar to complete this checklist; you’ll have reduced

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Our In-Person Events at the UVillage Microsoft Store

For the past few months, we’ve been hosting a series of events at the University Village Microsoft store.  Intended to help busy executives, our series teaches how to improve email management, how to use Outlook more efficiently, and how to implement virtual notebooks for project management.  

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5 Tips to Helping Everyone Keep an Organized Break Room

Usually a break room isn’t just a break room—it’s a break room plus a storage room, etc.  But since it’s a room that employees go to take a break and re-energize, it’s important that the room is pleasant.  Here are some tips to help everyone on the team maintain an organized shared space:

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