Most Workers Don’t Get Stress Relief from Vacation

More than 58% of workers report “they receive no stress relief from their vacations,” according to a recent study by the Puget Sound Business Journal - “Most workers get no stress relief from vacation, survey finds.” In fact, more than 27% feel “more stressed after their vacations than before they took the time off.”  

We were shocked to hear that lying on a beach somewhere is not relaxing to most professionals.  However, as productivity consultants, we understand and see it all too often, just how difficult it is to put everything on hold, to ignore the incoming emails, and to leave the office behind.  

Before you start canceling your upcoming flights and trip plans, there’s hope!  Not only is it possible to take time off from work to relax, but perhaps you could take a month-long vacation from work.  That might sound impossible, but the key is in properly preparing yourself and your office for your absence.  We recently interviewed Innovatively Organized president, Elizabeth Bowman, for her tips on preparing to leave work for a trip.  To help you make productive use of your time leading up to a trip, take a quick peak at our checklist to help you prepare for a flight or our list of tasks that you can complete while in-flight.  

It is possible to take time off of work to de-stress and relax.  Contact us for a 15-minute phone consultation if you would like to learn more about improving your productivity.  


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