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How to increase productivity in your office cubicle

Without a ceiling and a door to close, a cubicle workspace is easily invaded by noises and movement created by other people. Sometimes sitting in a cubicle seems like an open invitation for others to stop by to chat or ask questions. This can really affect your productivity in the office.
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Quick Organizing Tip - Repurposed Rolodex

Now that most contact information is stored electronically, you may have a Rolodex sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But don't write it off just yet! There are many useful and innovative ways to repurpose that "old" organizer:

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1,000 suitcases and how to identify yours

Whether traveling alone or with your family this winter, you will probably end up waiting and standing with a crowd of people around the baggage carousel at the airport. Trying to find your bag amongst a sea of mostly black bags can be frustrating.
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Organizing holiday moments

With friends, family and festivities, there will be lots of picture taking in the coming weeks.
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Career Search Seminar - August 11th!


“How to Network Effectively and Organize Your Job Search Efforts”

Career Search Seminar

Tuesday, August 11th

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Clothing Swap/Closet Clean-out Event - June 13th!

Closet Clean-Out Event

Downtown Seattle

Saturday, June 13th

2 PM - 4 PM