Paper Management

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Product Spotlight: Galison File Totes

For those constantly battling piles of paperwork on the go, this is a great solution.  This lightweight file tote comes with eight expandable sections- perfect for storing your meeting notes, project outlines, folders, and forms.  The handle makes it easy to transport, while protected from Seattle’s rain by an elastic closure.  

You’ll love it for:
•  Transporting business back and forth from your car
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Shredding Event this Saturday, May 21st in North Seattle!

Bring your papers such as financial statements, credit card and utility bills, invoices and all other sensitive documents containing confidential and personal information:

Saturday, May 21
9:00 AM  – 12:00 PM
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TeuxDeux is a free electronic "to do" site that can be used to keep track of your current and future tasks without using scraps of paper than can get lost in the shuffle. You can easily access the program from you desktop or mobile phone (they have an app for the program here), cross off and delete tasks as you complete them, or move tasks forward to complete later.
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Secure shredding resource in Seattle

One or two pieces of personal information is all it takes for identity theft to take place. Now more than ever, it's important to effectively manage the disposal of confidential letters, financial papers, receipts, and electronic media - both at home and at the office.