Favorite Products

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Product Spotlight: Galison File Totes

For those constantly battling piles of paperwork on the go, this is a great solution.  This lightweight file tote comes with eight expandable sections- perfect for storing your meeting notes, project outlines, folders, and forms.  The handle makes it easy to transport, while protected from Seattle’s rain by an elastic closure.  

You’ll love it for:
•  Transporting business back and forth from your car
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Shop the Container Store directly from your iPhone!

It’s all about being mobile these days and now the Container Store makes getting organized easier with their new website that is optimized for your smartphone. You can check for product availability, read customer reviews, find store locations, and even buy your items from your iPhone and pick them up yourself. 

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Compact and reusable organizing accessory

Now that stores are encouraging all of us to be more eco-conscious, having these environmentally-friendly totes in your purse will help you say “no” to both paper and plastic bags. These totes from Chico are large enough to carry groceries, machine-washable, and fold down into a pouch only 3.5”x5” so you can toss one into your purse or pocket.

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Boot Shapers

With so many different styles for every season, we are definitely wearing boots year-round which means more items to organize in the closet!

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Hi-tech organizing for contact management

We all know how important it is to have information at our fingertips, especially when we’re networking or following up with clients or colleagues.  One of the most effective tools for contact management that I recommend to Innovatively Organized clients is gwabbit®.

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Over-the-Door Organizing Solution

If you have limited counter space in the bathroom, or maybe you’re sharing a space with roommates or family members, try an organizing solution that you usually see in closets – the over-the-door shoe bag.  It works great for holding bottles of hair products, brushes, washcloths, and soap.
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Keep music files synced too

Music on-the-go is almost as important as files on-the-go these days, especially with the amount of time we spend in the car, on a plane, at the gym, and in our offices at home and work.