Time Management and Productivity

Top 5 Email Policies for your Small Business

Many small and medium businesses live and breathe through email communication, but reading unnecessarily long emails or receiving irrelevant emails are rarely at the top of anyone’s list.  

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Outlook vs. Gmail: Which is better for you?

Are you wondering whether you should be using Outlook or Gmail for your email account?  Though they have many similar features and capabilities, their differences may benefit you in different ways depending on your needs.
Microsoft Outlook:

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How email management training can save your business money

Take a moment to consider how many minutes you spend each day managing your email.  You might check your email so often that you don’t realize how much time is actually being wasted reading, replying and completing tasks associated with your email.  

The reality is: time is money.  When you invest in email management training for your team or small business, you save money in the long run.

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Overwhelmed by emails? You’re not alone.

Do you ever feel like your email inbox never stops growing?  Are emails arriving faster than you can read them?  Do you lose track of emails when they get buried in your inbox?

The good news is you’re not alone:

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Case Study: How a Busy Sales Professional Streamlined His Day

Our client is a very busy sales person who works from his home office, but is constantly out meeting clients or visiting manufacturing facilities.  He is always on-the-go, feeling like he is racing around and never with enough time.  

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Calendar Invite DO’s and DON’Ts for Outlook & Gmail

1. Naming Calendar Events – If you are going to send a calendar invite to someone you’re meeting with, DO make sure to include both of your names in the title of the event.  For instance, I have received calendar invites from people that are titled, Meeting with Elizabeth Bowman.  Unfortunately, this does not tell me the name of the person I am meeting with.  A more appropriate name would be Meeting with Elizabeth Bowman and John Smith.

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When are you most productive during the day?

Are you a “Morning Person” or a “Night Owl”?  Perhaps the real question is: does your schedule complement the times you are most productive?  For some, working in the morning comes naturally because that is when they are most attentive.  For others, burning the midnight oil might make the most sense.

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A Time Management Tip You Can Implement Today

Where is your mobile device right now?  In this day and age, it seems like our cell phones are often within a one-foot radius of us.  As helpful as mobile devices are, they also have the potential to distract us and waste time.  Between phone calls, text messages, and pop-up notifications, wasted seconds quickly turn into wasted minutes.

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How to stay productive while waiting

Ever find yourself with unexpected pockets of time?  You may be early to a client meeting or waiting at a doctor’s office, for example, and wishing you had some way to stay productive.  Rather than try to kill time by reading tweets on your phone or checking text messages, you can try to be prepared.  

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: TextMinder App

TextMinder makes remembering important tasks much simpler, especially if you are prone to dismissing calendar reminders.  The app allows you to schedule text messages to yourself at times you specify, ensuring you remember to complete your tasks.  No more forgetting to complete your to-do list!


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