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A Time Management Tip You Can Implement Today

Where is your mobile device right now?  In this day and age, it seems like our cell phones are often within a one-foot radius of us.  As helpful as mobile devices are, they also have the potential to distract us and waste time.  Between phone calls, text messages, and pop-up notifications, wasted seconds quickly turn into wasted minutes.

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How to stay productive while waiting

Ever find yourself with unexpected pockets of time?  You may be early to a client meeting or waiting at a doctor’s office, for example, and wishing you had some way to stay productive.  Rather than try to kill time by reading tweets on your phone or checking text messages, you can try to be prepared.  

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The Importance of Adding Buffer Time in Your Day

Looking for a simple tip to meet more deadlines and stay on schedule?  One easy change can help you stay more organized: adding buffer time to your schedule.

“Buffer Time” Defined: The extra time added before or after an event or task.

Benefits: Buffer time allows you to stay on time throughout your day, even when unexpected delays occur.

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Choosing Paper in a Digital World

In today’s age, it seems as though everyone lives and breathes through their digital devices.  Some of us check email on our mobile phones, while others take notes at meetings using tablets.  At Innovatively Organized, we often highlight apps and online resources that we find to help boost productivity for busy professionals, such as our Add Comment

Staying Productive While Flying: Tasks You Can Complete Without WiFi

You’re about to board a plane, giving you several hours to be productive and get things done.  But wait, you don’t have a WiFi connection and you can’t access the Internet!  Just because you can’t connect, though, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.  Here are some tasks you can complete without WiFi.

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Remembering your Favorite Seattle Summer Festivals

Summer in Seattle means festivals and events!  Ever leave the Bite of Seattle trying to remember what that delicious little vendor was?  Ever attend Bumbershoot only to forget the name of that cool new band you heard?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the biggest upcoming events this summer, as well as how to remember everything you discover!  Two apps—Evernote and Add Comment

“REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things” book

Who doesn’t love Real Simple?!  They always share such great organizing tips.  In particular, we love their “new uses for old things” segment, which highlights innovative ways to use items you already own.  They compiled most of their repurposing ideas into a book, REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things.  It includes great ideas for reusing items around your h

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Personalize for Productivity: Organizing Small Offices

Cubicles can be a bit…monochromatic.  If you’ve ever spent any time working in a cubicle, you’ve probably noticed that this does not enhance your mood.  But did you know a drab cubicle can also affect your performance?

In order to help you feel better in your space, and thus increase your productivity, try personalizing your office.  Here are some tips to help you create a space you will enjoy:

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For those tricky spaces: IKEA sloped wall shelving

Working in a small space is tricky enough, but what to do when you also have angled walls?  We love these sloped wall shelves, which allow you to still take advantage of vertical space!

Great for:
•  Sloped ceilings/walls in attic conversions, closets, rooms under stairs, etc.

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Case Study: Maximizing a Dual-Purpose Room

Service: Residential Organizing

This client, like so many of us, had a dual-purpose room, functioning both as an office and a nursery.  She has a 6 month old and also works from home most of the time, requiring that she use the small space for multiple functions.


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