4 Tips To Help Your Assistant Respond To Your Emails

Wishing your assistant could help manage your emails?  While you are out meeting with clients or developing projects, your assistant is a great resource for staying on top of your inbox.  Here are tips for helping your assistant help you:

  1. Share Your Calendar – Make sure your calendar is synced properly, so you are both looking at the same, most up-to-date schedule.  This allows your assistant to help you schedule appointments and meetings.
  2. Establish Best Practices – Make sure your assistant knows your preferences, like how much buffer time is needed between appointments, how to identify when an appointment is still tentative, etc.  
  3. Share Email Folders – Consider sharing email folders with your assistant, so you can quickly and easily delegate emails for them to respond to on your behalf.
  4. Schedule a Check-In Meeting – Create a quick check-in meeting each day so your assistant has an opportunity to ask you all of his or her questions.  By batching questions together, you both will eliminate unnecessary emails.
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