Business Spotlight: Advanced Approach

Does your team or organization need a little guidance?  Advanced Approach, located in Seattle, helps develop personal and business growth strategies for people striving for success.  Through coaching, consultations, and facilitation, Advanced Approach helps individuals or groups of people that are “ready to excel.”  They help teach tools to enhance growth, leadership, and management skills – among others – and serve as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts.  

Michele Corey is a coach with Advanced Approach that “helps people take responsibility for achieving their full potential.”  She works with professional women to build their courage, so that they can confidently learn to so “no” when necessary, and have more of what they want in their personal and professional lives.  

Contact Advanced Approach to see how they can help you or your team!  


Thanks Michele!

Thanks Michele!

Free Values Clarification Toolkit


Thank you for putting us in the spotlight!

I'd like to offer your readers an opportunity to get a copy of our Free Values Clarification Toolkit which helps you get connected to what's most important so that you can make choices that create more successful results.

Regards, Michele Corey

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