Our In-Person Events at the UVillage Microsoft Store

For the past few months, we’ve been hosting a series of events at the University Village Microsoft store.  Intended to help busy executives, our series teaches how to improve email management, how to use Outlook more efficiently, and how to implement virtual notebooks for project management.  

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“REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things” book

Who doesn’t love Real Simple?!  They always share such great organizing tips.  In particular, we love their “new uses for old things” segment, which highlights innovative ways to use items you already own.  They compiled most of their repurposing ideas into a book, REAL SIMPLE: 799 new uses for old things.  It includes great ideas for reusing items around your h

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Seattle Donation Resources for Clearing Clutter

One of the best ways to get organized—whether it be your home, office, or car—is to remove clutter.  Identifying items that you no longer use or need helps clear up space, allowing you create a more organized and functional area.  Rather than trash your old clothes, furniture, or appliances, why not donate them to a good cause?  There are so many resources around the Seattle area for donating and recycling old goods.  We’ve compiled a list of donation resources by item category, like clothing, electronics, and fur

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4 Time-Saving Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners deal with several challenges and frustrations.  Here are some tips and tools to handle some common situations.

Challenge: Too many business cards to process

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: Time Trade

Speed up the sales process by automating your meeting scheduling with Time Trade, an online appointment scheduling system for businesses.  Time Trade help accelerate service and respond to customers.  The efficiency of this system helps B2B and B2C improve time management and customer service.  

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Business Spotlight: Advanced Approach

Does your team or organization need a little guidance?  Advanced Approach, located in Seattle, helps develop personal and business growth strategies for people striving for success.  Through coaching, consultations, and facilitation, Advanced Approach helps individuals or groups of people that are “ready to excel.”  They help teach tools to enhance growth, leadership, and management skills – among others – and

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Paper Retention Recommendations

Is looking through your home or work files like traveling back to the past?  Are there forms and documents dusty with age and obsolete with time?  Are you still holding onto that one receipt from that purchase back in the 80’s?

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Innovative Idea: Karmaboxx to Help You Move Sustainably

Are you moving homes?  Is your office transitioning to a new location?  If you’ve got an upcoming move, try renting Karmaboxx.  Started in Ballard, our very own backyard, Karmaboxx is a green solution to cardboard boxes.  Instead of buying a heap of cardboard boxes- using them for one day while you move and then recycling them- simply rent these durable, plastic boxes.  Made of 100% recycled

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Innovative Idea: Apple Recycling to Responsibly Reduce Clutter

Speaking of new gifts in the house, if you got a new phone or iPod this holiday season, the Apple Recycling Program is a great way to responsibly throw out your old devices.  If you send in something still of value, they will mail an Apple gift card back to you!  If the device is simply worn out, Apple will still responsibly recycle it for you.  You can even bring in an old iPod to knock 10% of yo

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