Staying Productive While Flying: Tasks You Can Complete Without WiFi

You’re about to board a plane, giving you several hours to be productive and get things done.  But wait, you don’t have a WiFi connection and you can’t access the Internet!  Just because you can’t connect, though, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.  Here are some tasks you can complete without WiFi.
  • Clean up your inbox: If you can access your email without an Internet connection, take the opportunity to clean up your inbox!  You won’t be distracted by incoming emails, allowing you to sort, organize, and catch up.
  • Write or respond to emails: Have a lot of emails to write or respond to?  Now is a great time to do it – again, you don’t have the distraction of emails coming in and as soon as you're connected again, your emails will be sent out.
  • Clean up your desktop: Are you having a hard time seeing your desktop?  Take this time to review the documents, shortcuts and other items that have accumulated and make decisions about where they belong.
  • Review your to-do list: Is your to-do list outdated?  Do you have items that need to be added to it?  Take the time to think about your to-dos and update your list, prioritizing and planning your time.
  • Catch up on reading: If you have a “Read & Review” folder in your email, which we highly recommend to all of our clients, take this time to catch up on those emails you set aside to read.
Your work doesn’t need to pause while you’re in the air.  Try these tasks next time you’ve boarded and watch your productivity soar!


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