Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Staying Productive On-the-Go

Happy July!  For all of you fellow Seattleites, hopefully this month will finally bring us some warm days and Vitamin D.  Now that it’s truly summer, everyone seems to be outside more—constantly on the move or going on vacation—rather than in the office.  Plus, there are so many great events this month, like 4th of July celebrations, the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, and the delicious Bite of Seattle.  

So whether you’re a mobile professional constantly on-the-go, or taking a few weeks off for vacation this month, stay tuned for tips and tricks for staying productive!  All July we’ll be sharing daily tips on our Facebook and Twitter, as well as helpful checklists and product/app recommendations on our Organized Thoughts blog.    

If you’re going to be on-the-go at all this month—by bike, bus, ferry, train, or plane—we’ll help you stay productive!


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