Paper Management

Organizing notebooks with sticky tab dividers

Even though our organizational personalities vary among individuals, notebooks still come in standard three or five-subject divisions.  Instead of trying to fit your notes, projects, or tasks into standardized notebooks, customize your system with sticky tab dividers.  You can add or subtract these tab dividers as your needs change.  You can use them for office meetings, reference books, daily planners, address books, calendars, and directories.  You can even color-code certain ideas or topics, as well as sub-cate

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Choosing Paper in a Digital World

In today’s age, it seems as though everyone lives and breathes through their digital devices.  Some of us check email on our mobile phones, while others take notes at meetings using tablets.  At Innovatively Organized, we often highlight apps and online resources that we find to help boost productivity for busy professionals, such as our Add Comment

How to Work Collaboratively with Microsoft SkyDrive

Working collaboratively with your team or backing up your own personal files is easy when using a filing sharing cloud solution such as Microsoft SkyDrive.  The beauty of using a cloud service like SkyDrive is that it allows you to stay productive wherever you are, with any of your mobile devices.  

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Virtual notebooks help reduce digital clutter

One of our favorite digital tools to reduce digital clutter and go paperless is a virtual notebook.  In particular, we currently are enjoying feature-rich products such as Microsoft OneNote and Evernote.  Not only do they sync with multiple devices so you can stay productive on-the-go, but they help organize digital notes, files, and information.  Think o

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: Acrobat X Pro for quality PDF files

Acrobat Adobe X Pro software allows you to create and edit high quality PDF files.  This software helps you work more productively and consistently within PDFs, with tools like task streamlining, file comparison, and SharePoint collaboration.  You can integrate se

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Elizabeth Finds a Fun New Product

While attending the NAPO Conference in Baltimore recently, Elizabeth found a SMEAD product that she really liked.  For those of you working on-the-go, this might be the product you need to keep your files organized while traveling.  Check out what she found!

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Mobile Professionals Checklist: Essential Apps and Helpful Products

Are you a mobile professional—someone that is constantly in their car, traveling among various locations, or working in coffee shops?  It can be hectic working in a car, transporting files into different locations, or finding free WiFi areas to work in.  To help you out, we’ve created a checklist of essential apps, helpful products, and tips for working on-the-go.  

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