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Back-to-School Tips – Keeping the Family Organized

We all know that back-to-school is a busy time of year.  Everyone’s schedules are changing and for many households, there never seems to be enough time.  To help you streamline routines as you transition into fall, our team recommends you work towards creating consistent schedules for your entire family. 

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How to Work Collaboratively with Microsoft SkyDrive

Working collaboratively with your team or backing up your own personal files is easy when using a filing sharing cloud solution such as Microsoft SkyDrive.  The beauty of using a cloud service like SkyDrive is that it allows you to stay productive wherever you are, with any of your mobile devices.  

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Benefits of online photo albums

All month we’ve been focusing on how to reduce and manage digital clutter on your various devices.  One of the most disorganized types of digital files, however, are your pictures.  With so many different events and new pictures being taken, it can be difficult to maintain organized folders.  For this reason, we recommend using online photo albums to help keep all of your photos organized:

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The “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway” is Complete!

Natalya Stansfield was chosen as the winner of the ParentMap “Dream Nursery Makeover Giveaway,” earning her newly born daughter the ultimate nursery.  She won an amazing $3,000 package of services and products to help transform a spare bedroom in her home into an adorable nursery.  Last week, the finishing touches were added to the in-progress nursery and now Bab

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Case Study: Better Time Management for a Busy Mom

We’re always helping business professionals stay productive and focused, whether they are the CEO of their company or recently promoted into a new position.  But for those of you that are the CEO of your households, we can help you too!  

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Remembering your Favorite Seattle Summer Festivals

Summer in Seattle means festivals and events!  Ever leave the Bite of Seattle trying to remember what that delicious little vendor was?  Ever attend Bumbershoot only to forget the name of that cool new band you heard?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the biggest upcoming events this summer, as well as how to remember everything you discover!  Two apps—Evernote and Add Comment

Case Study: Maximizing a Dual-Purpose Room

Service: Residential Organizing

This client, like so many of us, had a dual-purpose room, functioning both as an office and a nursery.  She has a 6 month old and also works from home most of the time, requiring that she use the small space for multiple functions.


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4 Ways for Busy Families to Use the Cloud

Think the cloud is just for professional use?  Think again!  Cloud computing is for busy families too.  The beauty of using “the cloud” is that it keeps information synced and accessible, making it a great solution for busy families trying to get organized.  Here are four ways that busy families can use cloud-based services to simplify their lives:

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Organizing a Busy Family using the Cloud: Case Study

As professional organizers in Seattle, we recently worked with a family of five: three kids, one busy entrepreneur dad, and a working mom constantly on-the-go.  The family had smart phones but didn’t have their schedules synced or easily accessible, making it difficult to stay organized.


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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things: OneNote App for Android!

It’s no secret that OneNote has been a favorite app of Elizabeth’s for a while. But it gets better! The OneNote App has arrived for iPhones, and even more recently, Android devices!


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