Label with Binder Clips

What do you use binder clips for?  Do you use them to hold large stacks of paper together? Perhaps they just end up in a drawer with the rest of your paperclips? At Innovatively Organized, we like to use binder clips as an innovative way to label hard-to-label surfaces like paper trays.
When to use: Take the paper tray pictured above as an example.  If you try to affix a label directly to the paper tray, it will likely fall off or get covered once a piece of paper is placed on the tray.  To ensure people do not encounter this issue, we like to place a label on the bottom of a binder clip and then clip it to the paper tray. Your labels will stay in place and you can always see them!
Tip: It is best to use a label maker for this – the label maker tape fits perfectly on a medium size binder clip.
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