Personalize for Productivity: Organizing Small Offices

Cubicles can be a bit…monochromatic.  If you’ve ever spent any time working in a cubicle, you’ve probably noticed that this does not enhance your mood.  But did you know a drab cubicle can also affect your performance?

In order to help you feel better in your space, and thus increase your productivity, try personalizing your office.  Here are some tips to help you create a space you will enjoy:
  • Add items that remind you of good times or people that make you happy.  Bring in framed photographs or significant items.  You can even create a personalized calendar with fun photos.
  • Try keeping these items contained or together, rather than strewn about everywhere.  If they take up too much space, they will begin to feel like clutter.
  • Consider lining photographs in a row, which looks and feels more organized.  Here’s an adorable chalkboard frame that can store your memos and remind you of messages.  
  • Add some color!  Purchase some flowers or add a pretty painting.
  • Remember to reassess your personal mementos quarterly to make sure they haven’t exceeded their boundary within your workspace.
Got some tips of your own for improving a drab cubicle?  Share them with us!  


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