Clothes and Closet Organizing

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Product Spotlight: Our Favorite Bins

Got a pile of stuff you need to store or contain?  Don’t feel limited to standard bin containers- there are a variety of fun and functional bins to choose from!  We thought we would highlight some of our favorite bins to aid your organizing project.

1.  For linens and clothes: Ziploc Flexible Totes
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One Woman’s Clutter is Another Woman’s Treasure!

So you’ve got all these purses in your closet (or scattered around your house!) that you just don’t know what to do with… The moment you no longer love a purse, it becomes clutter.  There is no good way to store the various shapes and sizes, so purses easily stack up.  Here’s an idea: swap your purse for a gorgeous new bag that you’ll actually use!
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Before and After of the Week

Service: Residential Organizing

The bedroom of a young boy was not functioning for his current needs or his growing needs.  Although he enjoyed sleeping in a tent, he really did need a bedroom that supported the storage of his clothes, toys, and extra linens.
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Shop the Container Store directly from your iPhone!

It’s all about being mobile these days and now the Container Store makes getting organized easier with their new website that is optimized for your smartphone. You can check for product availability, read customer reviews, find store locations, and even buy your items from your iPhone and pick them up yourself. 

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Compact and reusable organizing accessory

Now that stores are encouraging all of us to be more eco-conscious, having these environmentally-friendly totes in your purse will help you say “no” to both paper and plastic bags. These totes from Chico are large enough to carry groceries, machine-washable, and fold down into a pouch only 3.5”x5” so you can toss one into your purse or pocket.

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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Boot Shapers

With so many different styles for every season, we are definitely wearing boots year-round which means more items to organize in the closet!

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Over-the-Door Organizing Solution

If you have limited counter space in the bathroom, or maybe you’re sharing a space with roommates or family members, try an organizing solution that you usually see in closets – the over-the-door shoe bag.  It works great for holding bottles of hair products, brushes, washcloths, and soap.

Erica W.

The pictures on your website inspired me to organize my laundry room. I just bought a simple shelf, and now I'm not tripping over my detergent and other supplies! Thank you.