Everyday Uses for Sticky Notes

We all know how ubiquitous the sticky note is at the office - they're usually found on computer monitors, files or boxes. I use them to write myself quick notes all the time ... I even wrote one to remind myself to post this blog! But beyond its obvious purpose, sticky notes are even more useful at home, school and even in the car. Here's a quick list to get big uses out of those little notes:
  1. Stick one to the remote control so you remember to record a show or what time Grey's Anatomy is on.
  2. Keep forgetting to call someone? Put their name and phone number on a note and stick it to your phone.
  3. Keep paper sorting neat by using notes as tab dividers so you don't end up with several stacks of paper.
  4. Use them for writing down clues for a scavenger hunt.
  5. For teachers, you can use sticky notes to put a grade on assignments that can't be written on, such as art and science projects.
  6. The mini sticky notes come in handy to label a prescription bottle with a note on when to take your medicine or if you need a refill.
  7. Make sure the kids don't eat the last piece of cake by writing, "Save for Dad" on the container. This also works for labeling your lunch bag at work so your food doesn't go missing.
  8. Use the bright colored sticky notes to your advantage by writing down important dates and putting them on your calendar so they really stand out.
  9. Hate getting lost? Put directions on a sticky note and put it on the center of your steering wheel for quick checking.
  10. If you love eating at your desk, pick up those loose crumbs by using the sticky side of the note, or run it between the keys on your keyboard.


Enjoyed the post! I'm a major

Enjoyed the post! I'm a major fan of stickies and would actually add one to your list: Write an entire novel!! :) I'm a writer and write all of my 1st drafts on sticky notes. It's kinda tough to organize, but it works!!