Multiple Ways to File Paper

Files not piles! No matter your preference, there are a multitude of ways to file your documents that can work for you. It can be as simple as using in and out boxes or hanging bins on the wall - here are some of my favorite recommendations:
  • Traditional File Drawers: Great for when you want to file quickly and retrieve easily.
  • Accordion Files: This is best for treating papers like files and it's also portable. Hint: Use this to file monthly receipts.
  • Wall Sorters: Use this to contain mail and sort many files at once. Hint: Use one that can be easily removed when its time to pay bills.
  • Paper Trays: Besides acting as the obvious Inbox/Outbox, adopt this for sorting printer paper and holding filing supplies.
  • Vertical Sorters: Keeps active files at eye level. Also works well for sorting mail. Very versatile.
  • Magazine Files: Great for holding magazines and project files that are still “works in progress”.
  • Binders: Best for storing information you use regularly and flip through quickly. Hint: Great for recipes when using  clear protective sleeves.
Need a product recommendation for a paper organizing project you're working on?  Just send us a message and we'll help you out! Click here to read more on my blog post about organizing with binders.


[...] refer to my previous

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