Buying a shredder - What to look for

With so much technology, it's ironic how much paper we still receive in the mail and have piled up on our desks. It's important to shred anything with sensitive information like financial statements or credit card applications. A lot of clients ask me what to look for when they go out to buy a shredder. Here's what I tell them:
  1. Cross-Cut - This type of shredder cuts paper into smaller bits and is much more secure than a strip-cut paper shredder.
  2. Able to shred plastic like credit cards, DVDs and CDs
  3. Shouldn’t have a problem shredding the sticky part of envelopes
  4. Large capacity - The container or basket should hold at least two weeks worth of shredding.


[...] check out my recent

[...] check out my recent post about what to look for when buying a shredder. This entry was written by Elizabeth Bowman, posted on September 20, 2010 at 7:45 pm, filed [...]