Before and After of the Week: From Overstuffed to Functional

We love those beautiful, perfect pantries on Pinterest, but how many of your pantries are actually that organized?!  The same is true for companies - their storage rooms often become cluttered drop zones.  One of our clients was ready to make a change with its company storage room.  It had become overstuffed and unfocused, so we helped them transition it into a functional, organized space.

To begin, we sorted the items in the space, donating or recycling all unused items.  We then assessed the space and assigned zones for types of items, adding new containers and labeling each item’s new home.  

Our client now has an organized and labeled company storage room, along with an un-cluttered "pantry" area with empty shelves.  All snacks, paper products, files, promotional materials, and desk accessories are now easily located and retrieved in mere seconds, and each item has a specific place to be returned to when not in use.

Need some help organizing your pantry or storage room into a more functional place?  Our space planning, business organizing, and residential organizing services can help you create an organized system within your space that will easily maintain itself.  You can view more before and after photos of our past projects on our Facebook page!


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