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Collecting clutter in a drop zone

As you enter your home, are you prone to dropping keys or hanging up a jacket in the same location every day? This is the perfect opportunity to set up an official drop zone and stop clutter in its tracks. Even in the smallest spaces, a series of hooks can serve as a place to hang purses, tote bags, coats, umbrella, and the dog leash. A side table or wall-mounted shelf can act as a home for your cell phone, mail, keys and a pad of paper for notes and shopping lists.

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Out with the old – Check expiration dates to help declutter your make-up!

Beauty products are like any other household possession... you're most likely using 20% of it 80% of the time.  Have you ever wondered if that bottle of bath oil collecting dust on the counter is still effective? Here are some expiration dates that will get you motivated to de-clutter your bathroom vanity and the top of your dresser.

Bar soap - 18 months to 3 years

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Clutter free holiday gift ideas

Here are some "clutter free" holiday gift ideas to consider this year:

Experiences – Sometimes the things that people enjoy the most are not really things. Tickets to a play, concert, sporting event make fun gifts. Also, booking an activity like a cooking class or pottery-making can be ideal for a hobbyist. Gift certificates for pampering like facials, massages and manicures are also things the recipients will likely use and appreciate.