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Collecting clutter in a drop zone

As you enter your home, are you prone to dropping keys or hanging up a jacket in the same location every day? This is the perfect opportunity to set up an official drop zone and stop clutter in its tracks. Even in the smallest spaces, a series of hooks can serve as a place to hang purses, tote bags, coats, umbrella, and the dog leash. A side table or wall-mounted shelf can act as a home for your cell phone, mail, keys and a pad of paper for notes and shopping lists.

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QUICK TIP: Cookbook embellishments to help you stay organized

Are there loose papers falling out of your cookbook? Do you have dog-eared pages tracking your favorite recipes? Bake up some organization by adding a large top entry envelope to collect pictures, tear-outs, and other papers. Also, glue a ribbon along the spine edge of the inside back cover. The long part of the ribbon should come out of the top of the cookbook so that you can pull it down and place it between pages and have it dangle out at the bottom.

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National Regifting Day

With so many gift exchanges happening this month, it’s likely you may receive an item or two that you don’t need or love.  A green solution is to regift the item to another person who may need it or treasure it more than you.  This does not mean passing an item that you consider to be useless or silly – this is called “clutter passing”.  The only places clutter should go is a donation bin, recycling bin, or trash bin!