Elizabeth Bowman

Amy T., Blueflame Heating & Air Conditioning

IO has changed my whole perspective on being organized. You guys/girls rock.

Beve K., MS, RD, CD

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You are a genius Elizabeth =)

Stephanie T.

Innovatively Organized really helped me get organized after my recent move. The closet and cabinet organizers that Elizabeth suggested have made it much easier to locate items when I need them and put them up when I am finished.

Betty C., Preschool Director

I loved walking into the storage room on Monday.  You did an outstanding job!! I especially like the 10% extra!  The teachers are raving about it.  Many, many thanks!

Erika C.

The results!!!  My workspace has been a mess since I started and it feels so great to have the space clean and organized.  I am very motivated to keep it that way.

Audrey C.

Elizabeth helped turned a cramped closet and laundry room into a practical and functional space. Because it was a rental apartment, she was creative in choosing the organizational solution so that I could modify/adjust and take with me when I moved.