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Innovative Idea: Plastic and Foil Storage

Instead of take up valuable drawer space, why not store your plastic wraps and aluminum foils vertically?  This durable organizer holds four boxes and is easily mounted on walls or within cabinets.  Plus, it is made with a raised edge to help clean inevitable spills!

What are your thoughts?
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Checklist: Must-Haves for Kitchen Organizing

Could your kitchen use a little help staying organized?  We know that it’s hard enough keeping the dirty dishes under control, let alone all of the Tupperware containers, spices, and canned goods.  If your drawers are frightening to open, take a look at our list of must-haves for kitchen organizing.  It’s full of supplies that can help you gain control in the most chaotic room of the house, like foil organizers and drawer dividers.
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Innovative Idea: Clothespins

Want a cute way to organize your refrigerator?  Instead of using a mish-mash of different magnets, add magnets to the backs of colorful clothespins!  They hold all of your wedding invitations, postcards, upcoming events, and baby announcements- while looking clean and neat. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you use clothespins anywhere else?
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Checklist: Essential Kitchen Supplies

Moving to a new home?  Registering for your wedding?  Learning to cook?  Make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with everything you need.  We’ve got all the essential supplies your kitchen needs, regardless of whether you’re making a soufflé or making toast.  Print out the form and take a tour of your kitchen to see which supplies you still need.
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Checklist: Balanced Diet Grocery List

Are you trying to lose weight?  Do you rush through the grocery store and end up bringing home junk food?  Do you want to try eating more whole grains, lean meat, and protein?  Simply bring this grocery list with you next time you go shopping and you’ll be sure to come home with healthful, energizing, nutrient-rich foods.  You can record the quantity of each item you want, and also include other things you need to pick up while at the store, like toiletries. 
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Innovative Idea: Dream Dinners

You’re a busy professional, so sometimes the thought of crafting a tasty dinner after a long day’s work is overwhelming.  It’s hard enough going to the grocery store and getting more food during the week, but finding the energy to cook at night can be too much.  If you don’t always have time to make dinner, but don’t want to just order takeout all the time, Dream Dinners is a good solution.  
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QUICK TIP: Cookbook embellishments to help you stay organized

Are there loose papers falling out of your cookbook? Do you have dog-eared pages tracking your favorite recipes? Bake up some organization by adding a large top entry envelope to collect pictures, tear-outs, and other papers. Also, glue a ribbon along the spine edge of the inside back cover. The long part of the ribbon should come out of the top of the cookbook so that you can pull it down and place it between pages and have it dangle out at the bottom.

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