App of the Week: Postagram

Do you have tons of great photos on your iPhone?  Wish you could share them with all of your friends and family?  Sure, you can upload them to Facebook, but what about sharing with people who aren’t on Facebook?  If you want hard copies of your memories to send to others or cherish on your refrigerator door, try the Postagram app.  It allows you to send printed photo postcards!

•  Deliver anywhere in the world for just 99 cents
•  Delivery within the US in 2-5 days
•  Can include a personalized message
•  Photo can pop out of the postcard to be framed
•  Can send photos from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram
•  Can take photos with Postagram

Great for:
•  Sharing memories
•  Printing photos on your phone or Facebook
•  Sending creative event or party invitations
•  Thank you notes
•  Birthday cards, holiday cards
•  Traveling

Cost: Free