Before and After of the Week

Service: Business Organizing

As the President and CEO of her company, this client had a lot on her plate.  She had sufficient workspace and storage space, but she wasn’t taking advantage of it because she didn’t have a clear workflow for her paper.  She was working with an assortment of organizing products that were not functioning for her, neither organizationally or aesthetically.  

We sorted through her paper piles and filing drawers, defining zones on her desktop that would allow her to easily process her paper.  We redefined and labeled her file system, and tackled the other organizational challenge in and around her office by providing her with the appropriate organizing products and tools.

Our client now has an office in which she can function at her best and be as productive as possible.  With her new zones (incoming, active projects, to-do items, and outgoing), she can easily find and file papers right away.